Brick, NJ

Beef Burritos (10 Person Minimum)

10 Person Minimum. Select your choice of rice, beans, salsa, and toppings which will be in the burrito. Specialty sauces will come on the side. Add all other sides in the modifiers below.

Catering Rice Choice:White Rice Brown Rice
Catering Bean Choice:Black Beans Pinto Beans
Catering Salsa Choice:Mild Medium Hot
Choose a Specialty Sauce:Crack BBQ (8oz) Southwest Chipotle (8oz) Honey Chipotle (8oz) Cilantro Lime Crema (8oz) Sriracha Aioli (8oz) Buffalo (8oz) General Tso's (8oz) Bang (8oz)
Catering Burrito Add Ons:Lettuce Cheese Sour Cream
Add More People:Add Grilled Chicken Burrito (1 Person) +13.50Add Crispy Chicken Burrito (1 Person) +13.50Add Beef Burrito (1 Person) +13.50Add Tofu Burrito (1 Person) +13.50Add Grilled Shrimp Burrito (1 Person) +16.50